12/14/2009 on 12/14/2009 |  
i havent posted a blog in over 2 months,
im slacking like crazy.
the reasons are really just school & life i guess.
im be back on thing in a min here tho, watch. :)

almost christmas too yay !
but damn school fucking sucks,
its almost fucking useless,
but shit i need school as much as i hate it.
im not ready to grow up anywho,
i wanna be young forever ! [0_o]

btw today was a horrible day,
could you imagine your parents including one of ur sisters,
telling you your not going to graduate,
thats really hard to take in especially how hard & stressful skool is man,
it hits hard, but they really just dont gaf.
which is really sad to say.
evrey fucking day theres something to argue about with my mama,
& she wonders why i call her bitch haaaa.
man whatever, theres nothing i can do im only a child right.

okay so im signing out here,
im gonna get back on blogging thing soon here ;)
but for now tootlesss.
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